The board consists of Schoolcraft (SLC) teachers, parents and members of the community-at-large. Elections are held in April, when approximately half of the board positions are up for election. Parents of current SLC students, staff and board members are eligible to vote in the election.

During the school year, board meetings are generally held the third Tuesday of each month at Schoolcraft Learning Community. Summer board meetings are held once per month, time and place announced in May.

The SLC board makes broad policies, leaving the day-to-day management of the school to the staff. The SLC board unanimously agreed in November 2002 to utilize the Policy Governance model and to begin crafting policies consistent with this approach.

Name Occupation/Relation to Schoolcraft Contact Info
Kathy Douglas Parent kathyd@schoolcraft.org
Sara Dreyer Board Records Officer, Special Ed. Teacher sarad@schoolcraft.org
Paul Dybing Community Member paul.dybing@bankforward.com
Kristi Garbow Special Ed. Teacher kristi@schoolcraft.org
Mark Morrissey Board Chair, Parent mark@schoolcraft.org
Jason Rylander Parent jason@schoolcraft.org
Kristi Sorgenfrei 2/3 Teacher kristine@schoolcraft.org
AnnaMae Sovick Teacher annamae@schoolcraft.org