SLC Current Learning Model: Distance Learning

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Data source: Data calculated from counts of daily new COVID-19 cases provided by Beltrami County Public Health

SLC has developed this COVID-19 data dashboard in response to community questions about transparency in our decision making. This dashboard represents most of the local virus data that we take into account when making decisions about learning designations. An important metric not represented here is how the virus is affecting our own SLC community (how many staff and students are in quarantine, for example). It is also important to keep in mind that there is a human factor behind these numbers that a chart or graph could never fully represent.

MDE/MDH METRIC for County Case Rate 

New Beltrami county cases in last 14 days per 10,000 residents.  (updated weekday afternoons)

MDE/MDH Learning Model Recommendations: 0-19 = In Person; 20-49 = Hybrid; 50+ = Distance (MN Safe Learning Plan pg 6)

CDC Risk of Transmission in Schools

The CDC has developed a set of 'indicators' to help schools know when transmission within a school is more likely. We have included the chart below. To the right, you can see Beltrami County's data compared to these indicators.


Data From Last 14 Days (updated weekday afternoons)

Want to Dig in Deeper?

⃞ CLICK HERE for spreadsheet with full daily data breakdown.
⃞ for a video breaking down how we analyze and use this data, and how it informed our decision to move to distance learning on OCt 12 CLICK HERE
⃞ For a video looking at and explaining the full decision making process (beyond the charts and graphs) and how it informed our decision to move to distance learning on oct 12 CLICK HERE
⃞ To read the full announcement regarding our decision to be in distance learning for the 2nd quarter CLICK HERE 

Have questions? Email Mark (SLC Covid Coordinator) at markb@schoolcraft.org