Cinderella Stories

SLC 2018-19 2nd and 3rd GRADE CREWs

Enjoy these books created and read by Sara and Stephanie's 2nd and 3rd grade crews at Schoolcraft Learning Community, 2018-19.

Once upon a time in Mexico ... in Iran ... in Ireland ... in Zimbabwe ... there lived a girl who found herself in an unfortunate family situation. She worked all day in divers, menial tasks. The girl's name is Vasalisa ... Sootface ... Cendrillon ... Cinderella.
Travel around the world through the girl's story. Enjoy the rich variety of culture. Read facts that make each unique while following the thread that ties them all together.

Frogs and toads

SLC 2018-19 1st Grade crew

This book is a result of a semester-long expedition on Frogs and Toads. The first-grade crew has studied the questions: What makes a frog a frog? How does an author engage the reader in a narrative? How do frogs survive? The students used Frog and Toad are Friends as an anchor text to learn about story elements and high-quality fiction. They researched real frog and toad adaptations through many non-fiction texts and informational videos. Each student used this knowledge to create their own unique frog that could survive in Bemidji, MN. They designed and drew their frog in Art using images of real frogs as models. They went through the writing process to plan and write their stories. Critique helped the students improve both their writing and frog drawings getting feedback from their peers. Each student took their own photograph as the setting and habitat of their frog. This book is all student work put together to be published by their teachers and paraprofessionals. I am so proud of the work this crew did, and I hope you enjoy their stories.

- Kristi (1st Grade Crew Teacher)