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Jonni Shough
2/3 Teacher
Jonni likes to travel, play games, and cook.
Kendra Carlson
4/5 Teacher
Kendra likes forest school.
Kristi Garbow
Special Education Teacher / Board Member
Kristi loves that Schoolcraft has such a connected crew!
Lauren Flier
Receptionist / Yearbook
Lauren reads books and has our favorite school dog - Fenix!
Leah Blocker
K/1 Teacher
Leah likes to go outside with us.
Levi Pederson
Head Chef
Levi is so silly - he called himself the Lunch Lady!
Libby Kendall
Behavioral Interventionist
Libby is allergic to cats and dogs
Mark Bjornrud
Director of Operations
Mark has 4 chickens and likes camping.
Markki Le Blanc
Special Education Teacher
Markki thinks our school lunches are yummy.
Melissa Dockter
K-3 Special Education Teacher
Melissa goes zip lining and swimming.
Myrissa Kilde
Special Education Paraprofessional
Myrissa has fish, a cat, and a dog.
NikkiLee Nolden
Music Teacher
My favorite part of teaching music is when students are able to come together to create something amazing to show that makes people smile.
Rose Michalicek
Special Education Paraprofessional
Samantha Fisher
4/5 Teacher
Sami is a hockey mom.
Sara Dreyer
Special Education Coordinator
In her free time she likes to swim and garden.
Sarah Hensel
Special Education Paraprofessional
Sara H. has 4 kids and big dogs.
Seleena Navar
Special Education Paraprofessional
Seleena’s favorite thing about Schoolcraft is the Mighty Mile!
Theora Hemingway
PE Teacher
Theora likes movies and music.