5 seats on the ballot:

2 teacher positions
2 parent positions
1 community member

Teacher Board Member: Must be current, licensed Schoolcraft teacher.

Parent Board Member: Must be parent/guardian of current Schoolcraft student(s).

Community Board Member: Cannot be current SLC staff, or parent/guardian of current Schoolcraft student(s).

(An individual is prohibited from serving as a board member if an immediate family member is an employee of the school)   *See SLC By-Laws Article V Section 2 for full qualifications/prohibitions

Below are the nominations submitted for the 2023 election.

2023 SLC Board Elections

It’s that time again! The time to consider what you can bring to Schoolcraft’s Board of Directors.

Our 2023 elections are coming soon and your voice as a parent or staff member is needed!

What does a member of a school board do? We exist to ensure that Schoolcraft Learning Community fulfills its mission, “to help develop individuals to be self-directed, lifelong learners who have the skills and knowledge to confidently and compassionately navigate in the world.”

How does that happen? To accomplish this, we work with our Executive Director to create goals for school improvement and maintain compliance with our authorizer, the state, the federal government, and the public to ensure that SLC is the best it can be for our students and families. 

How often do we meet? We meet the second Tuesday of every month unless the school board has something pressing to work on that requires a special board meeting.

Is there training? Yes! Our board members are provided opportunities to train online and in person with the Minnesota Charter School Association. We also meet in the summer at a leadership training to help energize and inform our members.

How do you become a member of the board? When a position opens on the board for a community member, teacher or a parent representative an election is cast to fill the position. You will need to fill out a nomination form which is then shared with our community on a ballot. The families and SLC staff will vote for who they feel is the best candidate for the position. A board member is asked to serve for two years. All nomination forms are due by March 10th, 2023.

We hope that you consider nominating yourself or another person you believe would be an asset to SLC’s Board of Directors. We are currently searching for 2 teacher representatives and 2  parent representatives and 1 community member (non-parent/staff) . We look forward to welcoming new members to our team. Send any questions or interest to board@schoolcraft.org.

~SLC Board of Directors